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My dear friends!

I only write about it now because only now it has been officially confirmed by the suffering party. Just like I condemned the acts and reviled the perpetrators of attacks in Paris I condemn and revile the attackers that caused the Russian Airbus to crash on Sinai Peninsula. Both acts were vile and we have to call them by their name: terrorism.

The first thing that stuck me after hearing about it was that a lot of Russian will now know how the families of Malaysian MH-17 passengers (by the way, I condemn and revile those who shot that BUK missile and those who allowed these morons to use it just as much). And it is true because they all have lost their loved ones and they're both in pain now. Of course there are significant differences too, but the loss is all the same. And this shows the ugly face or warfare.

Your truly,


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In my deviations I used or may use in the future following fonts (all of them I aqquired by CDs or internet pages).
- Abaddon by Ragnarok POB 140333 Austin TX 78714 (from internet),
- Angel by JuliaL (from internet),
- Anquietas by Joseph Spicer (from internet),
- AVP, Blade 2, Hannibal Lecter, Sleepy Hollow, by Jens R. Ziehn (from internet and CD),
- EanBwrP72Tt by Bear Rock Technologies Corp (from CD).,
- FightThis by Apostrofe (from internet,,
- Helldorado by Levi (from internet),
- InvisibleKiller by Paul Rein (from CD),
- Neverwinter by Neale Davidson (from CD),
- Predator by Jim Sorenson (from internet),
- Tfu Tfu by Meir Sadan (from internet,,
- LetterOMatic by Nate Piekos (from internet,,
- Gringo Nights by Jakob Fisher (from internet,,
- Stargate by Isis Font Foundry (from CD).
- Friday 13 by Thomas W. Otto, Norfok Inc. (for atavistic growls, from internet)

Fonts found on
- Various fonts by
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- Various fonts from Apostrophic Laboratories
- Various from Komika

Various fonts from:

Transformers font by P. A. Vannucci

Autobot and Decepticon fonts downloaded from Transformers Wiki.

I also use brushes, textures and other resources delivered by redaction of Practical Photoshop.

I wish to thank to all the authors: you made my work much esier and pleasant.


Rawhead Rex VS Bad Weather-NSFW
This took me forever to finish! It was though, you can't even begin to imagine how many reference pictures I had to scroll through for this but luckily Google has a massive collection of hairy male nudity, including ones regarding crotches (I know what you think, but while I have had seen my share of male crotches: a) I never paid that much attention to hair growth patterns because I was focused on something else; and b) it never hurts to check, after all, how often one has a chance to get a small - pardon - face to face with ape shaped neolitic demigod's pubic hair?), unfortunately most of it was useless to me because it wasn't hairy enough.

I have modeled my Rawhead Rex after his Nightbreed appearance (comic) with tiny bit of Bram Stoker's Dracula movie where Dracula slaughters Demeter's crew and then makes himself busy with lovely Luce Westenra.

Disclaimer: Rawhead Rex was made up by Clive Barker (boy oh boy is there something that he didn't created?). The interpretation of RR is mine but was influenced by other sources.

Censored version available here: Rawhead Rex VS Bad Weather

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

LoEG by ArcherBlack

The Cabbala.

When you were young and your heart was an open book

You used to say live and let live

(You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)

But if this ever-changing world in which we’re livin’

Makes you give in and cry, say live and let die

Live and let die, live and let die, live and let die

What does it matter to ya

When you’ve got a job to do, you gotta do it well

You gotta give the other fella hell. (…) – The Wings “Live and Let Die”

Warning: Violence, explicit language, possibly gore.

Timing: 2015, for particular timing of the characters original universes, see footnote of their respective chapters.

Rating: M, possibly MA.

Pairings: Wilhelmina and Allan (past). Wilhelmina and Orlando (friends with benefits).

Disclaimer: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen original comic books © Allan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. Neverwhere (in character of Lady Door) © Neil Gaiman. Atomic Robo © Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner. Stargate Atlantis (in character of Spike the Wraith) © MGM Studios. Hellboy (in character of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen) © Michael Mignola. Slenderman © Eric Knudsen (as Victor Surge). The story © Czarna Archer.

Dracula (in character of Wilhelmina Murray) by Bram Stoker. Allan Quatermain by sir Henry Rider Haggard. Orlando (or his/hers alike) by Virgina Woolf.

Wouldn’t it be Good.

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen by ArcherBlack

I got it bad, you don't know how bad I got it

You got it easy, you don't know when you've got it good

It's getting harder, just keeping life and soul together

I'm sick of fighting, even though I know I should

The cold is biting

Through each and every nerve and fiber

My broken spirit is frozen to the core

I don't want to be here no more (…).” – Nik Kershaw “Wouldn’t it be Good”1).


New York. The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence.

They were being driven in black minivan, the widows were darkened so no one could peek inside but they saw everything outside. People rushed around then, the street lights changed, cars stopped while others drove away making room for more cars.

Robo wasn’t all that impressed. He was built and brought up – or what counted for being brought up in his case – in Big Apple. Sure back then it wasn’t that large or noisy. Later Tesladyne had its place in Empire State Building and only relatively recently it moved to its own island. This made Robo into true New Yorker: a “son” to an immigrant who found a new home in America. Even if the city wasn’t his home anymore, it was still his city.

For Door anything from the ‘Above’ world was strange and alien, though perhaps not THAT alien, she was managing outstandingly well. New York should probably impress her but she was from London where thing were perhaps more British and European but just as loud and colourful. And people were people no matter where they lived.

Spike was watching at the city with fascination, awe and sharpness of a hunter. Despite the fact that he managed to travel a little before he was caught, he even reached Las Vegas, he wasn’t free to roam for long enough to become immune to the sheer size of Lantean – or in this case Earthlings – cities or their actual population. It was indeed fascinating how humans could develop if left to their own devices and not culled. Never before he saw such a population – this one planet had more humans than entire Pegasus Galaxy! And he was perfectly aware that while one of the most populated, if not the most populated, Earth wasn’t the only planet in this new Galaxy, a Galaxy far larger than his own. There were other populated planets. To him, a member of a race that even in its best times was always facing the menace of starvation, reaching a planet where one city held more people than couple of planets was comparable to allowing a child from starving society to enter a market with foods of all kinds: it was pure shock. He wasn’t hungry, humans found a way shortly after they have returned to Pegasus and even though there were alliances that didn’t agree to change their nutrition source, many Hives accepted such a solution not seeing better alternative especially that it opened new possibilities for them. Spike was slowly realising what his former commander understood for a while now: there was so much more in life than just constant hunger, there was literally entire new Galaxy of possibilities and perhaps at some point even more.


The Bureau was situated in a large building with some trees around but it screamed ‘government’ and it certainly was larger on the inside that it seemed on the outside. It had that typical urban look of something that was planned as art nouveau but then was finished as something entirely different that included concrete galore, plenty of steel and a lot of heavy, thick glass. It was heavy, square and built like a bunker. Buildings like that had to have solid foundations and that usually meant a lot of basement space. Basement space that could be used in multitude of top secret ways.

The car stopped in front of the main entry with proud sign stating complete and utter bullshit. They get out and led to the large, heavy double door that opened soundlessly and a smart looking agent led them to the lobby that looked like extremely spacious morgue. If morgues had stone floors polished until one could use it as a mirror. The same agent silently led them to an elevator. The elevator was mostly chrome and satin – also polished into high shine. Instead of travelling up they went down.

The room they were taken into looked nothing like a basement or dungeon. It looked like large library. All in dark wood and with soft, warm light. It smelled of floor polishing wax and old paper, and… Old Spice.

I take that you are Miss Portico and these two… are your subordinates.” They all turned to see a tall, balding man in glasses. He looked heavy but not with obesity, he was simply strongly built. In his younger times he was probably very athletic.

I am Lady Door.” Door corrected the man. “And these are, indeed, my subordinates.”

I am Director Manning.” The man introduced himself. “You’re here for one of our, not exactly prisoners.”

Yeah, though I take that Hellboy didn’t like the idea.” Robo decided to join the conversation.

He was offended.” The Director agreed. “The way only he can.”

O ho ho. Do I know that!” Robo seemed amused. “Not that I don’t agree with him.”

You know him?” Manning asked.

I met him.” Robo confirmed. “Red getting offended is a sight to behold.”

What did your, not so much of a guest, say?” Door asked. She knew of Hellboy, though she knew him by different name, but she wasn’t concerned with his opinion as it wasn’t him who she was to hire.

He asked who he was to work with if he agreed. I told him your name but he didn’t recognise it.” The Director replied. “He asked who was to be your direct superior. He recognised her name. That only made Hellboy angrier.”

Does that mean that we can take him now?” Door asked.

He said that he is close to agreeing but he wants to meet you before he will make his final decision.” Manning informed them. “I will take you to him if you still want to.”

Of course. He is the reason why we are here.” Door nodded.

Can we talk to HB first?” Robo asked.

He left half an hour after he learned of your request.” Manning admitted. “I can tell him you asked for him when he’s back.”

That’ll be great.” Robo’s optics looked as if he was smiling. “Tell him that after I’m done with this mission I invite him to Tesladyne.”

Why not. He hasn’t been on leave for ages now.” The Director shrugged. “Now, back to the business.”

He led them to another room and then to a short corridor that looked cold and sterile. At the end of the corridor was a lift. The door opened and they entered.

Before you will meet him. I must warn you in case he is unmasked.” He started with his finger hovering over a button that would send them two levels down.

We are aware that he is disfigured.2)” Door ensured the Director. “He suffered mild burns before the war, the scars were minimal but the surgery he underwent caused more damage than it did good resulting in him wearing a mask.”

That. And more. We found him in Norway, in an old, collapsed castle in the arctic area some years ago. The place bore signs of an explosion. He was there with one Leopold Kurtz, who is being held in separate facility. ‘Till this day we do not know how these two survived the explosion and the two weeks in the ruins before they were discovered – and we only know it was two weeks because their calendar wasn’t burned completely.” Manning explained. “He never said what happened claiming that he is not sure but it had to be the machinery.”

I see.” Door sighed. “I will speak with him.”

You’ve been warned.” The man pushed the button and they sled down to the lowest level of the facility.


The room was clean and set in simple yet pleasant style. The furniture wasn’t overly fancy but it looked both practical and comfortable. The prisoner was granted far more luxury than most people in his position. The room they were in wasn’t like most typical cells. There was no bunk; instead there were doors that had to lead to the bed room.

And there, in the middle of the room, behind a simple, wooden table (it was an IKEA design without a doubt) sat one Karl Ruprecht Kroenen in his full, masked glory. The man was lean and it was obvious that he was also shorter than Spike but he looked absolutely fit and nothing like the old man he was. Or supposed to be.

You have your guests.” Manning said and left.

Colonel Kroenen.” Door approached the ex-Nazi.

Please sit and Oberststurbmannführer if you insist on ranks3).” The man said in hoarse and not exactly lisping, more like hissing and throaty voice. “But I would prefer to be known more as Professor Doctor, or simply Doctor.”

Doctor then.” Door sat down. “I am Lady Door of House Portico. I was told that you were close to agreeing to my offer.”

It depends.” The Occultist leaned forward. “Is Herrin Murray really herself? Is she the former Frau Harker?”

The very same.” Door nodded. “She is currently the ‘M’ in spe4). She will take the chair as soon as the team will be assembled.

I see. I understand that you have met her. Tell me, Herrin Portico; was Herr Quatermain there as well?”

I was informed that Allan Quatermain died in 2009 during the Moonchild incident.” Door informed the prisoner. “She was, however, accompanied by Orlando. Why do you ask?”

Mmmm.” The man’s head fell lower as if he was dozing off but it snapped back up immediately. “The names are familiar to me… but this is a story for another time.” He quickly ended the subject. “Tell me this instead: was I correct to assume that the group I am asked to join would be the famous ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’?”

Yes.” Door confirmed. “The assembling team should be known as ‘Portico Group’ just as Miss Murray’s was ‘Murray Group’.”

And why would Herrin Murray want an ex-Waffen SS officer?” He asked earnestly. “Searching for engineer perhaps?”

No, we have Atomic Robo for that.” Door denied. “We’re more interested in your medical and occult experience.”

British Intelligence is assembling League of Extraordinary Gentlemen once again and they are considering former Nazi to join it as a medic and occultist.” Kroenen recapitulated silently. “It sounds so ridiculous that it cannot be untrue.”

But?” Door asked sensing that the man failed to finish his thought.

But can you work with someone like me?” He asked this time there was a hint of smile in his voice even though Door knew he couldn’t smile any more. Or rather that he was permanently smiling now.

It depends if you can follow my orders.” She replied honestly. His past was not her concern even though she knew history if the world Above, it was that whatever he was in the past was irrelevant in the face of what the future could hold.

I find it acceptable.” Kroenen admitted. “As long as you are a good commander, that is.”

I wasn’t chosen simply because of my good looks.” She replied. “Shall I inform Director Manning that you will be coming with us then?” She stood up.

Please do. I have nothing better to do these days.” Kroenen rose as well. He indeed was only slightly shorter than Spike. Then again, he was accepted into SS which meant that he had to be at least 175 centimetres tall5) and Kroenen was probably minimally taller than that.

Follow us then.” Door walked to the doors.

I would appreciate if you could give me few moments to prepare and pack my humble movables.” He requested. “I was granted a laptop in which I was allowed to download considerable collection of occult grimoirs and some medical magazines.” He explained when he saw Door staring at him quizzically. “If I am to be useful occultist it would be beneficial if I had access to my books.” He continued. “Also I would like to have a change of clothes, basic personal hygiene items and spare mask. It is not lot of baggage and it won’t take long, I already have a portmanteau at ready.”

Of course.” Door knocked on the door. “We shall wait outside.”

The door opened and they left the comfortable prison. Director Manning stood outside waiting. The door closed behind them and the magnetic locks snapped in place. Kroenen was once again locked inside alone.

How did it go?” Manning asked, curious.

Ever since they had Kroenen locked he was polite and cooperated enough to gain certain privileges but not more than he absolutely had to. Manning was wondering what Kroenen had to gain from cooperating with the British Intelligence?

He accepted.” Door announced. “He asked to be allowed to pack some of his belongings.”

He requested a suitcase for that when he learned that you would come.” Manning nodded. “Like I said before, he was more or less into it all. That makes me curious, what he could gain from you?”

He asked about Miss Murray, I suspect that he wants to learn something from her.” Door furrowed her eyebrows. “He is an occultist and she dealt with a lot of strange things. My best guess is that as an occultist he craves for occult knowledge.”

He was working on ending the world during the World War II.” Manning revealed.

There was an occultist that went by the name of Olivier Haddo who desired to create a Moonchild to bring a new aeon of terror.7)” Door explained. “It ended some years ago in what some people know as ‘the Moonchild Incident’. Perhaps as an occultist Doctor Kroenen wishes to learn what have occurred exactly?”

That is possible.” Manning agreed. “Then again, what kind of mission requires you to have an old fart like him?”

He didn’t smell old.” Spike surprised everyone by speaking. He kept silent ever since they arrived to New York.

Horsefeathers!” Atomic Robo protested. He was a scientist and all that occult nonsense was absurd to him. “He’s older than I am!”

He doesn’t smell old.” Spike insisted. “He smells like… almost a Wraith but human, no enzyme…”

Technically Kroenen is over hundred years old and shouldn’t be alive to end in that explosion in Norway, let alone survive for two weeks and heal as fast and well as he did.” Manning shook his head. “And yet he’s here in great shape and often going to the gym and practicing fencing.”

But how?” Robo was at loss now.

I think they don’t want him in heaven and hell’s too scared that he’ll take over.” Manning smirked.

That’s almost the same thing I said to my friend just this morning.” Robo admitted recalling Jenkins.

Nothing that I can answer to that.” Manning shrugged.

They were saved from awkward silence by resonant ‘ping’ at the Kroenen door’s intercom. The man behind them was now ready to leave.

Manning entered the code at the touch pad and the doors unlocked. Behind them stood Karl Ruprecht Kroenen dressed in his body suit and mask as before but now hold the extended handle of a trolley case that sat at his side on its tiny wheels. It looked awkwardly modern next to a man in what could only be described as steam punk mask.

I am now ready.” Kroenen announced.

He will need warmer clothes.” Robo observed. “It’s autumn outside.”

He will get his outside gear when we leave this part of the complex.” Manning said and summoned the elevator.


They rode to the airport in the same black minivan and with the same driver as before. The difference was that now they had another passenger. Karl Kroenen had the amazing ability to look absolutely natural in modern looking clothes while at the same time wearing old-fashioned mask.

The atmosphere inside the van was also different than before. The silent reflection was replaced with unspoken curiosity and anticipation. Surprisingly the first one to break the silence was Kroenen.

Now that I am included into this… gathering, I would greatly appreciate being introduced to my… co-gentlemen.” He spoke calmly and politely. “So at least I know how to address them.” He added.

I suppose I should have done that when we met.” Door admitted. “This is Atomic Robo Tesla, who is our science expert and my second in command.” She gestured at Robo.

The name sounds familiar.” Kroenen admitted. “I assume that you are the same Herr Tesla who continued to harass Baron von Helsingard?”

The one and only.” Robo narrowed his optics at Kroenen. He wasn’t too hot about Nazis, he had enough of them back at war, but he held special place on his hate list for those associated with Helsingard. “And it’s Doctor Tesla, actually.”

And this is Spike.” Door decided to intervene before the conversation went out of hand. “A Wraith pilot.”

I am not sure if I recognise his… ethnical origin.” Kroenen admitted. Ever since he saw the strange man he was curious of who and what he was.

Wraith are not from Earth.” Door explained. “He is an extra-terrestrial.” She avoided saying ‘alien’, it seemed rude to her. “Their race is a kind of, ummm, space vampires.”

That’s fascinating, what is his role in this assembly?” Karl asked.

He is not sure himself.” Spike hissed annoyed that he was spoken about as if he wasn’t present.

Wraith have many abilities that can come in handy.” Door smiled mysteriously. “Let us say that, in great generalisation, Spike is the adventurer of the team.”

Good to know.” Spike murmured loud enough to be heard and focused on the world outside of the van.

How did you meet Helsingard?” Robo asked not allowing the subject to drop. He ignored Door’s glare. He wanted to know just how much Kroenen was connected to Helsingard.

Heinrich von Helsingard was my professor when I was studying medicine.” Kroenen answered the question. “To shorten the long story of our pain filled acquaintanceship, he and his designs were competing with the Ragna Rok project which ended with us being professional rivals and personal enemies.”


He has stolen results of my early experiments with mechanical implants and cloning. Only he was using unwilling subjects, both human and Vril8)”

Brutes!” Robo exclaimed. He remembered Ludwig9) well.

I believe that’s what he called them.” Kroenen nodded.


OK. Since while LoEG fic, the LoEG is in itself a crossover, so do not worry if you won’t be familiar with any of the characters, if the need will arise it will be explain and if you will have any additional questions or something won’t be clear, you can also contact me and ask and I will answer you to the best of my abilities.

Spoiler alert: this paragraph contains spoilers.

Professor Doctor Karl Ruprecht Kroenen – post Hellboy: Wake the Devil, the B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth not happening (but Rasputin does interfere with the explosion) because:

a) I don’t like the change in drawing style, it changed way too much (I enjoyed Mignola’s art better for anything related to Hellboy, it is much more ominous and thus fits better the overall climate of the entire story);

b) I have to put Karl into B.P.R.D. custody somehow and this was perfect opportunity (this also means that I cut in before Hellboy resigns and goes to Hell – I liked the older comics in the series better).

1) I associate this song forever with Karl, probably because I listened to it shortly after (meaning few minutes) I watched the first Hellboy film (though I heard it in the Placebo cover version back then) and the line “the cold is biting” was just so perfect for the scene when they enter the sanctuary where they resurrect Rasputin. Of course this Kroenen is mostly the comic version though I borrowed some of his movie features to make him more usable in this story.

2) In the comic books it is not stated why exactly hides his face behind the mask but it is implied that some sort of accident left him disfigured. In the film he suffers from mysophobia (germophobia) and extreme body dismorphic disorder (he surgically scarred himself, removed his own eyelids, lips and nails).

I stick to the comic biography but who said that the disfigurement that young Karl suffered didn’t left him scarred just as in the movie? And as in my explanation for his time line, he suffered some more after the explosion in the castle.

3) That’s the rank he is given in his film biography (I have not noticed any visible rank marks in the comics despite that he is wearing military uniform), it is SS equivalent of Lieutenant Colonel. The comic biography gives him titles of Professor Doctor. He is a doctor by training, a surgeon to be exact, but also an occultist and engineer.

4) In Spe – being someone ‘in spe’ means to be elected or nominated; soon to take the seat, title or position.

5) That’s 5’74” tall; it was the minimal height that Waffen SS members had to have in order to be accepted because that was the height of Heinrich Himmler.

6) Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.

7) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century.

8) Vril are mentioned by Helsingard in Atomic Robo: Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne, vol1. And there is one in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, 1969 (performing sex show). IMHO it connects well: survivors from the utopia that von Helsingard destroyed, and possibly few of his escaped prisoners, fled to London to seek haven (that was fate of many during WWII).

9) Ludwig is a BIG Brute from Atomic Robo: Dogs of War, vol. 4.

The Cabbala, chapter 5
Previous chapter: The Cabbala, chapter 4.
Next chapter:

The song from this chapter: Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be Good

Miss Wilhelmina Murray is back after the events of Century. For 6 years she managed to stay away from trouble but history likes to repeat itself and now she has to face a new challenge: gather new team to face new challenge, all while discreetly removing her own (and Orlando's) traces in the MI6.

Rating will go up.

All warnings and disclaimers inside.

OK. It is not the original make-out of the League, but the League as itself is a cross-over and it was devised as such from the beginning.

The purpose is to have fun with completely wild assembly of characters and even if they do not perfectly match (mind you, the original League was just that - a mish-mash of characters), make it work.

I already was bashed over this idea because it was not a canon assembly, I was told something in the lines of "You have no talent, you will never manage to make it work, Atomic Robo would KILL both Kroenen and Slender because he hates villains, Slender is mindless kid killer, Kroenen is Nazi assassin and thus a poor choice of character to use, your work will be poorly written, you have no idea about writing, your work is EVIL and society must be protected from IT!" by someone who not only never read my fics but never even looked through my galleries; or at least that is how I understand his reasoning based on his own personal opinion. Anyway I understand that in his opinion I will fry in hell forever just for devising such a story.

All this could only mean one thing: me, being me and having the archetypical Polish attitude of "I WILL do it in SPITE you just because you do not WANT me to", decided to work even harder on the idea (that started just as a goof picture on dA).

So, here you go, the story I was told never to write (or else).


Megatron and June 3 by ArcherBlack

There's sugar on your soul

You're like no one I know

You're the life of another world

You swallow me whole

With just a mumbled hello

And it breaks my heart to love you,

It breaks my heart to love you– Editors “Sugar”.

Warnings: Violence, explicit language, controversial subjects.

Timing: Post season 2 finale, in my very own Beauty of the Beast Prime timeline.

Rating: M (possibly even MA).

Pairings: multiple.

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime © Hasbro. Story’s plot and OC’s © me. There may be some OC’s that aren’t mine – they belong to their respective creators.

Enjoy the Silence.

Words like violence

Break the silence

Come crashing in

Into my little world

Painful to me

Pierce right through me

Can’t you understand

Oh my little girl


Vows are spoken

To be broken

Feelings are intense

Words are trivial

Pleasures remain

So does the pain

Words are meaningless

And forgettable (…)”Depeche Mode “Enjoy the Silence1)”


Nemesis, somewhere over Antarctica. January 17th.

The day was calm to the point of boredom. The bridge was silent, the crew performed all the duties without chatter, Starscream was reading reports and fighting the urge to fall into a coma from the sheer dullness of what he had to read. Megatron glared in front of himself, observing the wall of screen that displayed an empty air they were floating through. His glare was unfocused so the chances were that he either was thinking about something else or he learned to recharge with his optics closed. Both options were not only probable but also plausible. Shockwave was busy with typing at his console. It was probably something scientific and difficult. Should it be anyone else one could suspect they would be typing with their current love interest or simply reading some porn stories. But this was Shockwave which meant that despite being involved with someone he was still focused solemnly on his work.

The silent beep snapped everyone from their work induced stupor. Megatron blinked and turned to the lower level of the bridge.

“What is it Soundwave?” He asked looking down at his TIC. The silent mech was the closest thing he got to a friend and always performed to the top of his abilities. There was only one problem with him: he was blending into the background so damn well that he was easy to forget about which could lead to few Spark attacks if he chose to make himself known. Luckily they all managed to get accustomed to such things.

Soundwave looked up at his Lord and tapped one small key with a single, long digit. The wall of screen flickered and displayed a map of central and southern America. Two places were marked and short descriptions appeared.

Megatron glared at two, pulsing, red dots on the otherwise empty map.

“Excellent work, Soundwave.” He praised his spymaster. It was yet another proof that Soundwave was, indeed, superior. “How did you found that?”

Soundwave said nothing even though he radiated his satisfaction from being praised so intensely that it probably leaked to the corridors. Instead he displayed three human pictures and then added a map of connections between them and the two locations. The meaning was clear. He managed to discover two MECH facilities thanks to connecting two civilians and one military man, the additional data next to the pictures indicated that he did so thanks to their internet activity.

“Well, I’ll be!” Starscream glared at the map. “Ha had to be combing the internet for that since who knows how long?”

In reply Soundwave displayed a date: December 18th, the day when the Prime told them about MECH re-surfacing. It was a good moth prior to his findings. He must have found the third one thanks to the two of which they knew already.

“It was probably easier than you think.” Shockwave decided to join the conversation. “With two MECH agents and their stomping ground there was a firm starting point, though it must have been most monotone and time consuming task.”

“Regardless if it was difficult or not, this is significant finding.” Megatron decided. “We have moved forward in our search of MECH, thanks to Soundwave.” He added eyeing Starscream who tried to not look irritated.

“Do you wish me to assemble two teams and raid both sites, Master?” Starscream asked wanting to show some of his own pro-active approach.

“No. We would only destroy two facilities and I want to strike the MECH as hard as possible. Serve them a lethal blow if possible.” Megatron stomped forward to the map and MECH agents’ pictures. “I will consult this with Prime; perhaps more… subtle approach will serve us better.”

“What do you mean, Master?” Starscream lowered his wings in confusion.

He was accustomed to Megatron being brutal and even under June’s influence he remained rough. Megatron trying to be subtle and patient was something he feared. The Decepticon Warmonger was more than capable of being cunning and calculating especially that the mech was surprisingly intelligent, but it usually ended with Starscream in heap of trouble. At least the brutality ended when Megatron run out of his anger, while the cunning and cruelty lasted. Lately Starscream worked hard to avoid being on working end of Megatron’s fists and managed quite well. Actually being loyal (even if forced to by circumstances) paid way better than being not loyal and back stabbing (especially that behind back stabbing Starscream stood Soundwave gathering blackmail materials and stopping him from the actual backstabbing – in that exact order). But the sentiment remained.

“Observation and tracking these three two-bit agents to reach their superiors, perhaps the entire MECH central command structure.” Megatron explained. He was irritated at Starscream for asking such a stupid question but he said nothing understanding that the Air Commander was still unsure of his position on Nemesis – and he preferred for it to stay that way. Confident Starscream was scheming Starscream.

“It is the most logical approach in current situation.” Shockwave agreed even though no one really asked him for his opinion. “Dissembling entire organisation is naturally preferable than disposing of mere three low ranking members.”

“Soundwave.” Megatron didn’t comment Shockwave’s input to the conversation. “Call the Autobots.”

Soundwave wordlessly turned back to his console and opened the channel. They have waited couple of seconds before it was answered.

The face they saw belonged to smiling Blaster, who upon seeing who called instantly turned sombre. He reconciled with the fact of ceasefire and that the Decepticons weren’t their immediate enemies for the moment. But he knew that the mere fact of truce didn’t mean that he had to be happy to see them. For now he settled into cold professionalism.

“What do you need?” He asked.

“Your coordinates and access codes to your front door would do nice for a start.” Megatron mocked. He knew it did not befit him but sometimes he just couldn’t help himself. Entire war spent on hating and mocking his enemies left some habits that just wouldn’t die. “But for now Prime will do just well.”

“Har har har.” Blaster’s face was like granite. “Boss! Some old joker for you!”

“I’ve heard him, Blaster.” The unmistakable bass of the Prime answered and the mech appeared in the camera range of the communication console.

“Into your servos, Boss.” Blaster gave one last glare to Megatron before walking away. Its temperature was comparable to a glacier.

“A true merry bunch you have there, Prime.” Megatron smirked with a hint of a barb.

“What do you need Megatron?” Optimus wasn’t impressed. Megatron never called if he didn’t need to and there was either graveness or mockery. Though to give him justice, the mockery was usually very light for Decepticon standards, practically hygienic kind.

“My superb Communication Officer and Spymaster have discovered location of two MECH facilities.” Megatron said with enough volume to be sure that the rest of the Autobot Base had to hear him. “I came to a conclusion that the best approach will be to discreetly observe them.”

“You expect that through those facilities we will be able to reach MECH’s high command.” Optimus didn’t ask as much as he simply stated.

“Indeed.” Megatron nodded. “Shockwave agrees with me.”

“In addition we should continue observation of the active MECH agents. Perhaps they will lead us to more facilities.” Prime proposed.

“Soundwave continues his observation, he managed to reach a third MECH agent. He will send you all details.” Megatron informed.

“Good. I believe we should split the facilities between our respective teams.” Optimus stated. He knew that Decepticons could cover both sides without much problem, but he didn’t want to leave all threads in Megatron’s servos. Autobots needed to be active.

“Agreed. You can choose which facility your team will be observing. Just notify us which one you prefer and we will take the other.”

“We will. We also will inform Agent Fowler of your discovery.” Prime stated.

“Naturally. Until next time, Optimus.” The Decepticon Tyrant nodded and disconnected and turned to Soundwave. “Assemble a team to observe the facility that will be ours. Choose whomever you like as long as they’re up to task.”

Soundwave looked up at his Lord and nodded once. The order he was given would be followed and as always performed flawlessly.


General Brice’s office. Later that day.

Agent Fowler walked into the office looking too relaxed for General’s taste. Fowler was a serious man and he usually was slightly tensed, it was his inner Ranger showing and it was natural. If the Agent was not tensed he was either off duty or he was about to start talking about his Grandma. And since he was in General’s office it meant that he was not off-duty which left only the Grandma scenario.

“Agent Fowler I hope to God I won’t hear anything about any Grandma.” He said shifting in his chair.

“No sir.” Fowler almost winced; he didn’t like to be reminded about when he was babbling about his Grandma. It usually involved head injuries, his head injuries. “I have a report for you and thought that I might as well deliver it to you personally.” He handed a printed sheet of paper. “Sir.”

“Something new occurred?” The General took the report with surprised face.

“Decepticons discovered two MECH facilities.” Fowler said suspiciously calmly. “They have contacted Autobots and the Autobots sent me all the data they received from Megatron.”

General Brice’s eyes turned round. That was not what he expected to hear. He quickly looked into the report. It wasn’t much but it was more than they had. Way more than they had.

“How did they manage to stumble upon this?” He asked with mild shock.

“Soundwave.” Fowler said as it would explain everything. And it did. They had enough about the Decepticons on Earth for General Brice to not only recognise the name but also know that the person behind it was one of Megatron’s most trusted and talented followers.

Brice had to admit that if not for the fact that technically Soundwave was an enemy, he would love to have the guy on his team.

“This is all you have?”

“Yes. They only discovered the sites.” Fowler explained. “I was told that they are yet to take steps.”

“What kind of steps?” General Brice paled. This could mean anything and everything. They were, after all, two bunches of gigantic alien robots capable of all kinds of craziness imaginable and then some. He preferred not to think of the size of mess they could cause.

“They agreed to discreetly observe the sites.” Fowler said and saw that the General started to breathe again. “They will share. Autobots will take one and Decepticons will take the other. They want to learn what kinds of facilities are those and find out how they’re connected to MECH’s higher management.”

“Good, good.” Brice nodded. “Make sure they share their findings with us.”

“Will do, sir.” Fowler smirked. Perhaps finally they would end the MECH. Ever since he clashed with Silas he had personal grudge with the organisation.

“Dismissed. And good job.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Agent Fowler turned away and walked out of the office.

General Brice sighed. MECH started as all military organisation composed from US soldiers, some still in active duty. He knew that now it consisted of civilian scientists and trained militant individuals as well but he also knew that there were some US military men and women there as well. After Ripley’s cooperation they managed to catch quite a number of traitors but he didn’t know all of them by their names, even less personally so that he could confirm their MECH connections. And then there were those who joined MECH after he’s been captured. The number was considerably lesser but even one soldier joining MECH was one soldier too many.

The General realised that once the MECH was completely over, or at least it was over in US military forces, it would cause an earthquake in Pentagon. Its size would depend on how many MECH agents they would find and what their ranks would be, but the General was sure that it would be devastating news to some people no matter what. Heads would roll without a doubt. He was certain that he and his people were safe – they were not only clean, he made sure of that himself, but they also fought MECH. Still, there were people who wouldn’t have the luxury that he himself had. There were people who would be in heap of trouble. He made a mental note to make sure that his department was secured against possible saboteurs who would want to cover their own arses.


January 19th. Somewhere in Mexico.

Team of Autobots were hiding on a bushy hill. It was merely the second day of the observation but it was already clear that it was some sort of metallurgic facility. They weren’t sure yet if it was a rolling mill or foundry though. It was large building in the middle of nowhere. It had to serve some purpose at some point but then it was abandoned, that much was clear due to the state it was in. It could have been anything but it didn’t matter, at the moment it was MECH’s metal work facility and it was chosen wisely. There was no hiding spot in vicinity. No other buildings. No bushes or orchards or anything in the kind.

The four Autobots, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Blaster and Steeljaw; had to settle on rather far hill with some bushes on top in order to be able to observe anything. They were able to zoom in on the facility but even if they wanted to get into it they would have to cross the empty space between their position and the facility without any kind of cover. It was a terrible place to observe but the alternative wasn’t all that nice either. MECH surely knew where to place its secret workshops.

They took Steeljaw with them in hopes that he would be able to sneak in and sniff around but so far they had no idea how to deliver the cat-former to the place. Their initial plan was for Bumblebee and Steeljaw to infiltrate the facility, look around, perhaps place some bugs and Wheeljack and Blaster to cover them. The initial plan failed miserably without them even trying. The moment they were on the spot they knew it was not possible to perform.

For the moment they were simply sitting in the bush and watch the place. Perhaps some opportunity would show itself at some point?


Somewhere in Guatemala. Two weeks later.

The MECH facility was surrounded by thick forest. Well, not exactly. The MECH facility was surrounded by wide strip of cleared field that was surrounded by thick forest. The field was under surveillance of both guards and cameras. The guards were armed. The cameras were protected.

Group of Decepticons sat in convenient placed group of thick shrubs, trees and all kinds of foliage. They sat there – changed sometimes by another group – for some time and continued observation of the MECH facility. So far they learned that it was producing ceramic elements of some sort, way too large to be tea cups.

They never infiltrated the facility but they didn’t have to. They saw couple deliveries of the by-product and that was all they needed to see to be able to tell what was made inside. The product that was taken away was not table-service by any means.

All in all it was dull duty. Pottery wasn’t all that fascinating, especially for creatures that had no use for it. The jungle was irritating with all the plants, insects, temperature, humidity and boredom. No one would appreciate such conditions be they humans or Cybertronians, especially if said Cybertronians were Decepticons.

“Aww mech.” One of them whined silently. It was midday, the insects were buzzing everywhere, it was hot and humid. “I’ma goin’ ta set roots here, ya know.”

“Shut up, Frenzy.” Another voice growled. It was much lower than the first one.

“He’s right, Barricade.” Third one whispered. “We’re sitting here for two weeks now. We’ve learned what was to learn.”

“I said shut up.” Barricade turned to the owner of the third voice. “We’re staying for as long as we have to.”

“I need to stretch my wings.” The third Decepticon moved slightly. He was a Seeker and sitting on the ground wasn’t doing him any good.

“Skywarp, you sit on your aft or I’ll tie you down.” Barricade narrowed his optics. The last thing they needed to be discovered.

“I’ll warp away, no one will know.”

“I said sit down and shut up.”

“Boss gave us orders.” Fourth voice whispered. “I’m not goin’ ta get on his bad side ‘cause ya need ta squirm all the time.”

“Rumble’s right. Ya don’t want to get on ‘Wave’s bad side, ‘Warp.” Frenzy sighed silently. “Or worse, get us there.” He added recalling that if the slag would go flying, the Seeker could simply teleport away leaving them behind.

“Oh, come on.” Skywarp wouldn’t give up. He would get nasty cramps if he stayed as he was any longer. “What’s the point? We already know what they’re doing here. I could use some more space to stretch my wings and maybe a cube.” He added. A slim tentacle with vibrant bio-lights handed him a small cube of energon. “Why, thank you.” He smiled and then almost jumped out of his plating pouring the liquefied energon all over himself.

“On, hiya, boss.” Rumble grinned and the two other Decepticons almost jumped.

Soundwave stood there in the shadow. None of them noticed when he arrived and how, but now his presence was evident. The Spymaster retracted his tentacle and continued to stand there.

“Umm, ahhh… “Skywarp wasn’t the most comfortable mech at the moment. The energon dripping from his form didn’t make him feel any better.

Barricade fought the urge to smirk. It was always like that with Soundwave, he always came when you’d expect him the least.

Soundwave continued to stare from behind his visor for a moment and then opened a Groundbridge behind conveniently thick tree. The message was clear: they were to leave the place.

All four got up and as silently as they could walk to the ‘Bridge leaving the area. Soundwave walked the few paces to where they were settled. He kneeled on one knee to take a peek through the bushes at the facility. He watched it for a second or two, got up and walked into the Groundbridge. The colourful vortex of light swirled there for a moment longer and then it dissolved. The only evidence of Decepticon presence was few broken twigs, some crumpled plants and few drops of energon from the spilled cube.


This chapter is dedicated to everyone who would wish that there was more Soundwave everywhere in TF stories: there cannot be more Soundwave because if there was he would get way to common sight, but whenever he shows himself it is significant. Let us all give the appreciation that silent spymasters deserve.

1) It starts with Soundwave and ends with Soundwave, and with him you either enjoy the silence or quit.

My dear friends!

I only write about it now because only now it has been officially confirmed by the suffering party. Just like I condemned the acts and reviled the perpetrators of attacks in Paris I condemn and revile the attackers that caused the Russian Airbus to crash on Sinai Peninsula. Both acts were vile and we have to call them by their name: terrorism.

The first thing that stuck me after hearing about it was that a lot of Russian will now know how the families of Malaysian MH-17 passengers (by the way, I condemn and revile those who shot that BUK missile and those who allowed these morons to use it just as much). And it is true because they all have lost their loved ones and they're both in pain now. Of course there are significant differences too, but the loss is all the same. And this shows the ugly face or warfare.

Your truly,

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